The Polly Jean Poems

Those who know me well, will know that I am only mildly obsessed by Polly Jean Harvey, and have been writing poems based on her songs, album titles, album covers and lyrics for years, some of which have been published in places like "Dark Horizons" and "Horizons". I went to see her again on Sunday night at the Glasgow Concert Hall and was chuffed that she won the Mercury Prize for the second time last night (although a bit sad that Fifer, nay Crailer, King Creosote along with Jon Hopkins didn't win). So here's one of the published ones that appeared in Canada's "The Gloaming" magazine:



I can only see him

since the accident

like my friends at the clinic

Saffy with the plate in her head

Jake and his gunshot wounds


In another world

he stomps on model cities

and superimposed,

dubbed actors flee

from his clumsy dance


But here he is colossal

an ectoplasmic being

only the unlucky can see

For he towers above us

and brings his foot down

right through our bodies

pinning our hearts to the ground

grinding our hopes there, our love


When we see him, we run