ian_hunterHello, welcome, stay for a bit, and while you are here, you'll find some of my stories, poems, and information about my three children's novels: The Dark Knight's Blade, Lipstick Lass, and The Magic Mousehole, as well as the exploits of Roam Belanger, albino vampire and last speaker of the True Words.

Over the years my stories and poems have featured in magazines, and anthologies in the UK, USA and Canada in places like New Writing Scotland, The Ultimate Dragon, Fear, Nasty Piece of Work, Enigmatic Tales, Dementia 13, Dust Devils, Dark Horizons, Vampire Hunters, and many others. Some of them sadly, are no more, but it was nothing to do with me - honest!

I'm a member of the the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle who "critter" my work into shape, and I'm a founding member of the Scottish writing collective, Read Raw with the rest of the infamous four.

I'm also a member of the British Fantasy Society, and have recently become poetry editor of their magazine, Dark Horizons, so chuffed about that; and I'm also a member of the Ghost Story Society.

In the past, I have been a postman, barman, waiter, sawmill worker, lecturer, and local authority officer, among other things. And when I write, I write fantastic stories for children and scary and weird stories for adults. I have twice been a writer-in-residence. I'm married to Linda, and we have two children: Alex and Sophie, who aren't too bad really, but don't tell them I said that. I also own 1000 trees in the tropical rain forest of Korup in the Cameroons, and would love to go there some day if only to write IH WAS HERE on them.

On this site, you'll find tales of albino vampire, Roam Belanger, who took his unusual first name from my-misreading of the name of Adam McGrath, one of the band members of Cave In; and he got his unusual surname from Denis (Snake) Belanger, lead singer with the mighty Voivod.  Last December, I added an albino vampire Christmas story - or as close as it gets to one around here, called "Taste the Blood of Santa", and STOP PRESS a new story has been added to the "Where's Roam" section called "The Fox and the Trickster" which appeared in the vampire anthology "Lips of Crimson".

"The Vault" is the place where old stories and poems live on, and one of the stories which might appear soon is "The Portrait" which was published in "Winter Chills" and was inspired by a visit to an early Edinburgh Book Festival. There, Alasdair Grey drew my portrait inside a copy of "Lanark". Here it is. Somehow it still looks the same while I grow older, which I didn't think was part of the deal.


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